Shooting in Dubrovnik Star Wars

Shooting in Dubrovnik Star Wars

Shoting in Dubrovnik Star Wars 8. Walt Disney decide to filming the eighth installment of the “Star Wars” series in the center of the Croatian port, which also has played King’s Landing in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

For one week visitors were shunted off the Stradun, the main and most famous street in Dubrovnik, as stagehands lugged blue crates on cobbled walkways and electricians snaked thick cables past outdoor cafes on the Mediterranean squares.
Shooting in Dubrovnik Star Wars 8 is required a large organization, but also a lot of money and negotiations with shop owners and residents in the area where the movie was filmed.

Shooting in Dubrovnik Star Wars – 200 EUROS per day

Before the shooting started producents need to ask all stores in Old Town to close it and not work during filming, sure Star Wars production pay to them. Each owner has received 200 euros per day shooting and local cinema in Old City recived 64 000 kunas for one week. Shooting Star Wars was a veil of secrecy. Everyone knew that the records, but nothing more than that.

Residents who lived in the old town were given money to remain silent and signed a contract that says if the information leaked from the recording may end up in court.
Even some members of the production get fired for disclosing information to the media. However, any disclosure of information shotting movie was strictly punished, and those who are able to know something, as residents in the old town, are paid to keep quiet.

In order to further protect organized and drones that would prevent access to other drones.
Shooting in Dubrovnik Star Wars brought great commercial for this city. News of the shooting the eighth episode of the film series ‘Star Wars’ several times circled the globe and sparked euphoria among millions of fans.