5 reasons to visit Dubrovnik

5 reasons to visit Dubrovnik

If the summer, sun and sea only reasons to visit Dubrovnik, or there is something more why many tourists all over the world come and visit this city. It is known that Dubrovnik has an excellent climate and perfectly clear sea, but surely there is something more what to see in Dubrovnik or what to do. We found 5 more reasons than the summer sun and sea.

The oldest pharmacy in Europe
When you arrive in this historical city, if you wonder what to see in Dubrovnik or what to do, there are many attractions you can visit, but while you’re here be sure to visit the old town. There is the oldest pharmacy in Europe, which was first opened back in 1317th which still work today. The Old Pharmacy, is located inside the Franciscan monastery that’s open for tours.

Game of Thrones
If you’re a fan of the series Game of Thrones then it’s definitely one of the reasons to visit Dubrovnik. You can take the Game of thrones walking tour and visit all the places were many of Westeros, King’s Landing scenes filmed in Dubrovnik’s Old Town. So when you come here and ask what to see in Dubrovnik or what to do – Game of thrones tour is recommended.

Dubrovnik city walls second biggest in the world
City walls are 1940 m long and considered to be second biggest in the world after Great wall of China with height of 25 m at some places. They were built from the 13th to the 17th century for defense purposes. The city walls are almost two kilometers long 1,940 meters, to be exact. The construction of wallls was carried out swiftly because Dubrovnik was constantly at risk of siege.

Dubrovnik summer festival
Every year in July and August, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is an ode to all sorts of artistic talents all over the world, from thespians to folk dancers and musicians. In a month and a half how long festival takes, Dubrovnik becomes heart of art with thousands of artists from around the world. Films are screened outdoors to further celebrate summer. Ballet performances are also folded into the program, as are art exhibits.

Ashley Judd, Beyonce and Jay Z, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Owen Wilson, Jeremy Irons, Bill Gates are just some of the famous names who have visited Dubrovnik, and not just once. If you are in the summer in Dubrovnik, do not be surprised if you meet on the street Beyonce, Angelina Jolie or Bill Gates. In the ’70s, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor loved the Excelsior Hotel and have spent their time here.