5 most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik

5 most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik

With a rich culture and numerous events during the summer, one of the main reasons why tourists come to Dubrovnik are beautiful beaches and perfectly clear water. Swimming at one of most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik is one of the main activities people enjoy in Dubrovnik. Here is 5 most beautifull beaches in Dubrovnik.

Banje beach is the most popular beach in Dubrovnik among tourists and the oldest. It is located near the old town. If you are not a fan of stairs then you will certainly difficult past 100 steps as you need to get off, but also to return. Banje beach has plenty of content so you can rent a sun umbrella, jet ski, kayak and even a towel.
The beach is sandy and gravel and is enriched with all possible amenities what today’s beach can dispose of. On this beach is, among other things, like staying Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson. If you do not like crowds on the beach then be sure to avoid in July and August. In June and September is less crowded.
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St. James beach is located near Banje beach. It is about 20 minutes walking from theBanje. As with Banje beach to the beach St. Jacob descends more than 100 stairs that are more difficult to pass on the return. But when you see this beautiful beache and perfectly clear sea forget the stairs. In addition to the beach there are restaurant, cafe, sun umrella. This is a nice beach to spend a day at. Kayak and jet ski rental available on the beach.

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Dance beach is one of the oldest beach in Dubrovnik.It is situated at the foot of the monastery complex with the church of St. Mary, below the park Gradac, two hundred meters away from the Old Town.
The beach is rocky and the sea is deep and clear and slightly cooler than elsewhere. Dance beach extends to the open sea, not sheltered from waves in windy days when winds are south and breeze, so it’s not recommended for children or weak swimmers and inexperienced.
Dance beach is, with the old harbor, the cradle of the Dubrovnik water polo and water polo club Jug, which in the early days playing and practicing at the Dance and 20-time was champion of Yugoslavia as well as the champion of Europe.

Copacabana beach is the name of one of the most popular beaches in Dubrovnik. It is located at the foot of the camping Solitudo in the area of Babin Kuk. The beach is pebbly and is located opposite the mouth of the Ombla in the Adriatic Sea.
Sea temperature in the hot summer months is always a pleasant refreshing. On the beach you can find all the amenities that today’s beaches should be provided. Copacabana is the perfect beach to spend the day especially if you have children, the evening turns into a place of entertainment

Šunj beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. Located on the southeast side of Lopud, in a beautiful bay to which can be reached by boat or on foot from places Lopud through the pine forest. The beach is sandy shallows stretching one hundred meters away from the coast. It is a favorite gathering place for residents and their guests. A sandy bottom and shallow are top requirements for favorite game picigin. The beach is suitable for families because it is not too crowdy.
Part of the beach is intended for nudists.